white confession~
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Pairing: SungKyuxHoya

Group: Infinite

Type: Sad/romantic fanfic.

Rating: NC.

*requested by ijochan.

[From SungKyu’s POV. His journal entries are in italics.]

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Pairing: WoohyunxHoya

Group: Infinite

Type: Drabble.

Rating: G/PG.

requested by namwoohyun-nsc.

*this is from Hoya’s POV.


It was raining one day when I was with the other Infinite members. We were practicing in the studio, and I was already starting to tire from all the work. I watched as my other hyungs worked hard, and I just sat lazily in a corner, drinking water. I looked at my favorite hyung, Woohyun. I had always admired him. He was so nice to everyone in the group, if SungKyu wasn’t able to do an event, he would definitely be the one to take control of things. He was amazing. Since I had first met him, I had started to develop a little crush on him. Now knowing him for awhile, that ‘little crush' had turned into a lot of love and admiration. I wasn't sure of Woohyun had felt the same about me. What if he did? Would the fangirls be crushed? Maybe. But all that mattered that if we were together, we would for sure be together forever. He was amazing in every way. I would just sit watching him in my little corner, admiring how perfect he was in everything he did. How he was so funny, and how his smile was so amazing. I didn't realize that I was staring, and was awoken from my day dream by Woohyun throwing a towel and me and saying “Yah! You should get to work!” I stared at him, a little lost. I forgot where I was for a minute, before realizing we were still at the studio. I slowly stood up. My legs had fallen asleep, but I managed to hold onto the wall and stand up slowly. “What were you doing?” Woohyun asked, with a weird expression. I chuckled a little at his expression and said “I was just resting.” he nodded as if he understood and walked back over to the other members. I pouted a little to myself, I was wondering when I should confess to him. What time would be too soon? What if he fell in love with someone else? I fiddled with my thumbs, quietly reassuring myself. I felt my face get hot, was I getting nervous? That was a rarity for me. I looked up and relief could be clearly seen on my face. The other members were walking out of the studio, but Woohyun was staying behind. I cocked my head a little in question. He just smiled at me like he always does. I was beyond confused now. “Why are you blushing?” I heard him say suddenly. I jumped a little at the sudden voice. I looked around in question. Was I really blushing? “I’m really letting myself go." I thought to myself. Woohyun just smirked, as if he could read my mind. I finally mustered up enough courage to say "What?" "Well, you’ve been staring at me all day, and now you’re blushing. Is there something you want to tell me?" He said, standing tall and proud as if he had just found the murderer in Clue. “W-why would I have something to tell you?” My voice quivered a little as I spoke. “Don’t lie to me, Howon.” I stood there for a second, with a cold expression. I really preferred it when people called me Hoya. I didn’t like my real name. I scoffed lightly and spat “Howon?” Woohyun just stood there and laughed, again. “Yah! Why are you laughing at me so much today?” I said, anger boiling. “I just like to mess with you..” Woohyun replied with a smirk. …That smirk made me feel uncomfortable. Did he feel the same? I tried not to burst with excitement at the mere thought of it. “Well…why?” I asked boldly, wanting only one answer, but Woohyun just stood there…thinking? Was he thinking? I sighed a little, my hopes a little crushed. “Because…..I like you?” Woohyun said quietly. My heart skipped a beat, but I didn’t want to be too obvious. “I’m sorry, what was that? You were mumbling.” I said, with an evil smirk on my lips. “I said I like you!” Woohyun said, a little louder while looking around to make sure the other members weren’t around. I tried not to cry while walking towards him. “You…like me, hyung?” I asked. Woohyun started backing up a little, as if he thought I was going to hit him. “Y-yes..” I immediately wrapped my arms around him and whispered in his ear; “I like you too, hyung.”


The end.

Crappy? Yes.

First fanfic I’ve posted on Tumblr orz.

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